About Our Podcast

Jason and Frank believe that comedy rules and all subjects, topics and sensitivities are fair game in the world of comedy.


However, with that said, we want to be a bit more explicit.  We wholly believe in: total equality, religious freedom and choice, racial equality, the right to choose or be your own sexuality.  We think it is important to wear shoes or go barefoot.   We accept that tall people are a different height than short people.   We celebrate the right to love whoever you want to love.   We agree that we are being influenced rightly and wrongly by television every day, night and morning.  We consider Obie-Wan-Kenobie, Meryle Streep, The Brady Bunch, Fred Sanford, the bands: Foreigner, Journey and Kansas and Funkadelic as cultural icons.  We support: silly, fun, annoying people and behavior so long as we are not the ones who are annoyed.  We believe vacations are better than stay-cations and that any kind of “cation” is better than work.

…and for further clarity

We think earth is the best planet and that stars are bright.  We accept, as fact, that dogs and cats have four legs.    We wholly support, as fact, that the movie, Men In Black, did not identify all of the alien life forms on earth.  We think that John Travolta should star in the next, Dirty Dancing sequel.

…so please with all of that said, we mean no offense.  We love and respect all and everyone and their beliefs.  If what you choose to do works for you, great.

Now back to the silliness of making fun of everyone and everything because we think everyone and everything is funny within the proper context.

Life is serious, so let’s be seriously silly about it!

Jason and Frank