Staycation or Vacation? Movies, TV, Food and Parenting

Jason takes over uploading pod casts. Let’s see how messed up this can get. You know the drill – we start off talking about one thing and cant stay on one topic for more than – of look a shinny object.

We will talk about Wonder Women, Sandwiches, best TV shows of the 70’s and 80’s and Parenting, how jacked up can we get our kids

Texting and Driving and When Should Kids be Forced to Get a Job?  Is age 4 or 5 too young?

Texting and driving as it relates to kids.  Best Christmas or Channakuh gift ever received.  A little more Ebonics. Bagels  or English Muffins.  Who originate the term, “My Man”!, in the movies.  What is a Mensch?   Best mob movies ever?  Bill Shatner or William Shatner, who is better?  How soon should kids go to get a job or go to work?  Is a GED better or worse than a Diploma.   Jason is going to see Neil Diamond in concert.  Frank’s secret Neil Diamond, guilty pleasure