Out thoughts on fishing and choosing our  favorite finger. 

Who was the original Obie Wan Kenobi type of character on TV?

Picnic or Party:  Which is better?  Is it a party with no music?

Should there be free-internet?

Minority groups access to broadcasting and the importance of understanding the difference between “bullying” and being “picked-on”

Tofu and other things that you don’t like

Tofu and other things that you don’t like even though you have never had it before.  If you could only listen to one artist for the rest of your life,  Jason and Frank have two totally differnt folks.  Movies with African Women in the lead like, “Girls Trip”.  Problems with the word, “Nappy”.   Thoughts on Billy Bob Thorton.

Frank may have been the only brother who did liked Beastie boys more than RUN DMC.

Staycation or Vacation? Movies, TV, Food and Parenting

Jason takes over uploading pod casts. Let’s see how messed up this can get. You know the drill – we start off talking about one thing and cant stay on one topic for more than – of look a shinny object.

We will talk about Wonder Women, Sandwiches, best TV shows of the 70’s and 80’s and Parenting, how jacked up can we get our kids