Episode 65:  Stromboli or Calzone? Disappointing Food Experiences.

Stromboli or Calzone?  Disappointing food experiences and restaurants.  Car Shows and museums.  Do Blacks like Olive Garden more than other restaurants. More on Red Box and Netflix.  Who were the best Tarzans and why Frank hates Tarzan.  Best food combinations.

Episode 64: Kayaking new restaurants concerts and the best decade ever.

Kayaking new restaurants concerts and the best decade ever.  Either or:  Cake or Pie.   And is cheese cake a cake or a pie.   And what’s wrong with the Cheesecake factory? If a total stranger invites you and your family to their home, will you go? Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker.  Holmes or Homie!

Episode 63:  Disneyland and Waiting in Lines

Is there anything worse than waiting in line?  What are you willing to wait in line for?  What are the best Rapper names of all time.  What type of hotels are staying at when traveling?  Will you sleep at a rest stop?  Waiters or Servers:  What’s the best title?  Tipping for bad service–do you?  Completely inappropriate ethnic humor.

Episode 60: New Burger King Ads and what do you do when you see people digging through trash?  

Who are some of the original “cool” guys in movies?  A man with a semi-automatic rifle in the Dairy Queen parking lot–would a black man been allowed to do that?  Jason thinks there should be a new reality show name: “Billionaires Trash”

This is from my IPad.  Pulees excuse any typos.  Sumtymes I’m all tumhbs and voicey activashun!

Episode 58: Things you would or wouldn’t do at a Friends house.  

Some of the great commercials of all time. Things you don’t like even though you never tried it. What should we expect of our celebrities these days?   should they sign autographs or take a selfie?  Sesame Street, Romper Room and other kids shows vs violent cartoons from back in the day.