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Camping, motel or hotel, which one is best for you?

The perils of guys shopping: Jason and Frank may be the only two guys who like to do grocery shopping. Garage sales are they worth the time? If you don’t know what it means, should you risk using a word, term or phrase you don’t know? If so, has it ever gotten you in trouble?

Socks with sandals. Frank explains the extra ordinary benefits of life.

Old cartoons when you look at them today through the eyes of time it is surprising to see and hear so many racial overtones and stereotypes that were in them. And what are the best cartoons of all time? The 10 Commandments of what you should or don’t do. Gotham the best new show of the year and who would believe that Tommy Chong is on Dancing With The Stars and Carlton from fresh Prince of Bel Air is still rockin’ it!

Long hair or short hair, what is best on men and women?

 And do you remember the almighty Afro? jason’s bad day at the car wash. And what makes someone a car person? Is it how many cars they own or keeping it super clean? What is a car personnel anyway? What does it take or what will it take to cut the cable and get rid of that kind of TV? And how cool is Amazon prime?

The Pen State mess. Denial of domestic abuse.

 Could you bust your parent or guardian for Inappropriate behavior? Pretzel Shake Liquor at the Cheescake Face. Eating at restaurant counters vs sitting at a table or booth. Are you a roller or a crumbier? What type of personality traits do you like to around? Can you hang out with smokers?

What are words that people can’t say in American culture?

Jimmy Fallon’s lost chance with Nicole Kidman. Using big words when not needed. How odd is it that a White producer wrote some of the most iconic African American family shows back in the 70’s? Why should bands sing a song with lyrics you can’t understand? My Sharona, All Day All Night… what are our favorite word/s of all time. How swearing has changed during the past 40 years.”