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The View is going Dim: Missing Barbara Wah-Wah and why Frank can not watch Seinfeld Reruns.

Rosanne Barr or Lucille Ball, who ya’ like? Can you separate the performer from the Character? Frank still can’t watch Seinfeld reruns after “Kramer”, Michael Richardson’s racial outburst a few years back. Jason says Frank should just get over it!

What are the best “almost offensive” commercials ever made?

The best commercials that push the line but crack us up. Things like Kmart: I shipped my pants! Stay-cations: Why not just stay home?Anytime Frank gets the chance to talk about Sammy Davis Jr., he does. Will there ever be anything new in a sit-com? We think not. Why Frank hates Connie Chung. And how come the only sports person that Jason has ever heard of Babe Ruth?