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Episode 67:  Texting and Driving and When Should Kids be Forced to Get a Job?  Is age 4 or 5 too young?

Texting and driving as it relates to kids.  Best Christmas or Channakuh gift ever received.  A little more Ebonics. Bagels  or English Muffins.  Who originate the term, “My Man”!, in the movies.  What is a Mensch?   Best mob movies ever?  Bill Shatner or William Shatner, who is better?  How soon should kids go to get a job or go to work?  Is a GED better or worse than a Diploma.   Jason is going to see Neil Diamond in concert.  Frank’s secret Neil Diamond, guilty pleasure

Episode 66: Jason and Frank are given some podcast advice from a pro.  

Podcast advice and how to frame the show better.   Will they take the advice.  Nope.  They tried to, but these two hapless tappers could not take direction on anything that requires more than 10 seconds (-5) concentration. What is the best type of bed frame?  

Episode 65:  Stromboli or Calzone? Disappointing Food Experiences.

Stromboli or Calzone?  Disappointing food experiences and restaurants.  Car Shows and museums.  Do Blacks like Olive Garden more than other restaurants. More on Red Box and Netflix.  Who were the best Tarzans and why Frank hates Tarzan.  Best food combinations.

Episode 64: Kayaking new restaurants concerts and the best decade ever.

Kayaking new restaurants concerts and the best decade ever.  Either or:  Cake or Pie.   And is cheese cake a cake or a pie.   And what’s wrong with the Cheesecake factory? If a total stranger invites you and your family to their home, will you go? Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker.  Holmes or Homie!

Episode 63:  Disneyland and Waiting in Lines

Is there anything worse than waiting in line?  What are you willing to wait in line for?  What are the best Rapper names of all time.  What type of hotels are staying at when traveling?  Will you sleep at a rest stop?  Waiters or Servers:  What’s the best title?  Tipping for bad service–do you?  Completely inappropriate ethnic humor.