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Episode 74: Staycation or Vacation? Movies, TV, Food and Parenting

Jason takes over uploading pod casts. Let’s see how messed up this can get. You know the drill – we start off talking about one thing and cant stay on one topic for more than – of look a shinny object.

We will talk about Wonder Women, Sandwiches, best TV shows of the 70’s and 80’s and Parenting, how jacked up can we get our kids

Episode 67:  Texting and Driving and When Should Kids be Forced to Get a Job?  Is age 4 or 5 too young?

Texting and driving as it relates to kids.  Best Christmas or Channakuh gift ever received.  A little more Ebonics. Bagels  or English Muffins.  Who originate the term, “My Man”!, in the movies.  What is a Mensch?   Best mob movies ever?  Bill Shatner or William Shatner, who is better?  How soon should kids go to get a job or go to work?  Is a GED better or worse than a Diploma.   Jason is going to see Neil Diamond in concert.  Frank’s secret Neil Diamond, guilty pleasure